A Private Investment Firm Focused on Growth Technologies

MadTech was formed in 2004 as the family office of Arthur Becker, the former CEO(from 2004-2010)of NaviSite, a public technology services company, and on Board until the company was sold to Time Warner in 2011.  Becker had prior experience in investment banking and technology services.

The mission at MadTech is to identify growth opportunities in early stage Technology and Biotech companies and to work with entrepreneurs through the entire life cycle of their business.

Protein Degradation


Developing a new class of small molecules that direct the cell’s ubiquitin-proteasome system to degrade targeted disease-relevant proteins for therapeutic benefit.  The Company went public in October 2020.

A clinical stage Bio Pharmaceutical company with technology licensed from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute at Harvard that has identified certain peptides predominant in certain blood and solid cancers.  The Company is currently enrolling for a Phase 2 clinical trial for mTNBC and recently completed a Series E financing.


Clinical Stage Bio Pharmaceutical company

SOLD to Celgene Q4 2016

Regenacy Pharmaceuticals, LLC is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing treatments for peripheral neuropathies, hemoglobinopathies and certain oncology indications based on regeneration of normal protein function with oral, isoform selective histone deacetylase enzyme (“HDAC”) inhibitors.


A clinical stage Bio Pharmaceutical company developing a topical treatment to reverse hearing loss through progenitor cell activation therapy.  The Company went public in September 2019.



NextRNA is transforming the non-coding RNA therapeutic space and is shifting the concept of undruggable into druggable.

T cells targeting multiple tumor antigens are the cornerstone MANA’s approach to treating cancer.

Recently completed a $40 million Series B financing.

The Company is developing oncolytic immunotherapies based on the myxoma virus(MYXV) platform to stimulate an immune response to treat cancer.  The Myxoma virus is a unique, non human pathogenic virus.

Recently completed a $50 million Series B financing.

AI Proteins
The Company is focussed on the design and engineering of synthetic miniprotein therapeutics. It combines cutting-edge computational protein design with advanced laboratory robotics to accelerate the creation of life-changing medicines.

X4 is developing therapeutics to target the CXCR4 pathway to restore healthy immunity in patients with rare diseases.

A pre clinical stage company focused on developing vaccines against pathogens acquired by mucosal infection such as Herpes.

The Company is advancing a molecule to treat diseases associated with excess body fat including NASH and PWS.

A preclinical stage company focused on programs to increase the expression of targeted genes to prevent the progression of Dry Age Related Macular Degeneration(Dry AMD).




State of the art 3D scanning and virtual try-on technology that captures physical apparel in ultra-HD quality for 360° display and on-consumer visualization

KARD Financial 


The Company is passionate about changing the rewards landscape for consumers, merchants, and card issuers